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The SAJ-DMS Measuring Platform

The SAJ-DMS measuring platform uses one, two or three dynamic sensors – all depending on vessel size and type. Each dynamic sensors is fetted to the solid steel structure at carefully defined positions and individually sensing the deviation from the horizontal plane. Values of trim, list, and hull flex bending/torsion are presented by figures and trends.

The SAJ-DMS requires only one through hull intake/gauge and therefore minimizing installation cost and reducing need for calibration and maintenance. Draft values are presented in nine positions on the bridge monitor. All draft scale readings are fully corrected for the influence of trim, list, hull deflection as well as the density of water.


Accuracy and reliability

Trim and Hull flex bending accuracy less than 1 cm. List and Hull flex torsion less than 0.0025 degrees.

Regulation compliance

The SAJ-DMS system fulfills IMO Solas regulation as well as the Stockholm Agreement.

Ease of installation & maintenance

The only one needed hull intake/transducer guarantees easy installation as well as low maintenance cost.

Hydrostatics on-line

Hydrostatics and DWT situation presented on-line and in real time.

Calibration and remote display on mobile device

Remote display possibility with mobile device app. System calibration performed using mobile device apps.

Standard modules

Trim List display

Having trim and list information at sea have been proven increasingly important as it affects the hull resistance which mirrors the direct bunker consumption.

Draft display

Remote draft indication is a unique solution that finally provides accurate, reliable and low maintenance draft indication for year after year of trouble free operation.

Hydrostatics display

By installing the basic SAJ-DMS system you will benefit from the dynamic information measured by its sensors. Hydrostatic information such as current ship displacement is displayed.

Hull flex monitoring

With a Hull Flex Monitoring System from SAJ you will get both torsion and deflection indications that is independent of steel construction errors and keep a continued accuracy that is better than 4 strain gauges.

DWT Situation

This module use the SAJ-DMS systems ability to measure the ships displacement and presents the actual situation of the ship’s weights such as cargo and dead weight reserve.

Optimal Trim - ODT

The ODT software module, makes trim optimization easy as it is based on accurate measurements and made against actual hydrodynamic condition.

Mobile Display App

The SAJ-DMS Mobile App is a very useful App which presents the real-time remote information of the SAJ-DMS system on a standard mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Calibration App

The SAJ-DMS system provides highest possible accuracy and reliability. The remote system readings must comply with the actual hull scales which requires the system is properly calibrated against the vessel's hull scales.

Add-on modules

Mean Bending Moment

The MBM module offers presentation of the on-line dynamic Mean Bending Moment with compressive and tensile stress in digital and graphical presentations.

GM Inclining Test

GM Inclining/Experiment test offers ease of determining a ship’s stability by moving a user known weight a known distance combining the accurately measured heel and corrected hydrostatics from the SAJ-DMS system.

Multi Display

On Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships the system can show the vital loading particulars continously on large displays connected to the SAJ-DMS measuring system.


The SAJ-DMS system can easily be interfaced to other systems on the ships. This includes IBS, MAS and VDR systems.

Real vs. Predicted values

It is often mistaken that the Loading and Stability calculator shows draft, trim and list that is relevant. As it is only a prediction based on many inputs there is a risk that the calculations deviate over time. To make sure deviations do not get out of hand regular comparisons to reality must be made. By having a reliable and accurate system like the SAJ-DMS system it is easy to import data and make corrections.