IMO Mandate for Cyber Security readiness

The IMO now requires shipowners and management to integrate cyber security risk into their safety management system (IMO 2021 mandate).

We provide the support you need for your operation to be fully IMO compliant.

We provide solutions for all your ships and operations

Works on all ships

The SAJ-DMS concept is suitable for all type of ships and floating constructions where it is important to obtain correct and accurate remote information about the ship's dynamic behaviour, hull bending/torsion and floating condition.

Tailor made system

Each installation is carefully adapted from early planning, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning to ensure the best performance of operation throughout the ship's whole lifetime.

Every operation has different needs


Bulk ships

The hull construction of a bulk ship with large cargo holds and fast cargo handling with conveyors is exposed to...

Container ships

Container ships

Container ships are designed for high speed and fast cargo handling. This makes it important to...

Cruise ships

Cruise ships

Operation with tight time schedule with calls in many harbors and limited water depths, it is necessary to....

Floating docks

Floating docks

It is essential during lifting and submerging operations to have highly accurate indication of...


General Cargo ships

Cargo handling makes the SAJ-DMS system an important tool for visualizing the hull...

Heavy Lift ships

Heavy Lift ships

It is essential during lifting and submerging operations to have highly accurate indication...

Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships

Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships

On Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and Ferries it is important to detect how the ships responds to weights...


Supply ships

As for all ships the dynamic information is essential to operating the ship correctly...


Tanker ships

On ships with high priority on safety we can offer control beyond the conventional...



Operation with tight time schedule with calls in many harbors and limited water...


Our concept thinking can be divided in three areas of customer needs.


Commitment to provide professional assistance all from the purchase planning, installation and commissioning to the service and maintenance during the entire lifetime of the vessel.

Tailor made system

The tailor made systems that will neither be redundant nor inadequate for a specific vessels needs. And still the concept will always be ready for any future needs without replacing equipment already installed.


The integration possibility with any other system that might require some data to enhance their performance or have data that can be used by advanced features.

The ultimate monitoring system

All our products are a part of the SAJ-DMS concept and use the same sensors and computers to provide the user with the information they need. In the core of the concept you will find a precision instrument that measures the vessels dynamics. Because of the modern high tech core our products provide more important information than previously possible and the standard information is more accurate. The system is in comparison easy to install, requires less maintenance and have a long life reliability. The reliability of the products produced by SAJ Instrument is best vouched for by our systems that still is in service since many years.