Cyber Security

In today’s world, cyber security attacks can be destructive to onboard computer systems on ships. Cyber security management analyses the risks and risks are mitigated by utilising effective countermeasures. The IMO now requires shipowners and management to integrate cyber security risk into their safety management system (IMO 2021 mandate).

Built-in security

We take great pride in delivering systems that are inherently secure and locked down to prevent unauthorised access to the system. The locked down environment minimises the risk of malicious malware compromising its operation. During the planning of installation we can provide guidance for the IT infrastructure team to provide a suitable level of network isolation of system components to reduce the security exposure. This in order not to introduce any new risks to other systems connected in the network in case of a security incident.

Cyber security management support

We work together with the owner’s security team to assess risks, vulnerabilities, and contingency plans in order to find a robust and secure execution environment for the SAJ-DMS system. We will make every effort to preserve the security level of the system for the lifetime of the product.   

Support and updates

An important part of the countermeasures against security threats is our support agreement. With a support agreement, the SAJ-DMS system will be kept updated with the latest security patches and anti-virus definitions. The updates are installed according to customer defined rules and time schedules.

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