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Hull Flex Monitoring

SAJ Instrument produces systems that measure dynamic motions in detail. In other words a hulls torsion and deflection as well. Previously the only way to do that was to use strain gauges mounted in several locations on the hull. Depending on the requirements such installations can be extensive however in most cases four strain gauges are mounted on the deck to measure the hulls deflection only.

Strain gauges measures with varying result and accuracy that cannot in any easy way be compared to reality. Strain gauges are dependent on calculation based location for installation and their accuracy is thereby limited to the building process of the hull that unfortunately varies. In addition they do not measure torsion.

With a Hull Flex Monitoring System from SAJ you will get both torsion and deflection indications that is independent of steel construction errors and keep a continued accuracy that is better than 4 strain gauges. You can choose by simple indication that also include alarm possibilities in the standard system or advanced strain monitoring by adding the Mean Bending Moment module.