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Measuring Platform

SAJ Instrument Ab (Ltd) have a vast range of products that all are associated with ship dynamics. Many simply refer to these as “The SAJ”. Under the menu you can read more about each product.

The SAJ-DMS system measuring platform comprises of one to three dynamic sensors depending on the type and length of the ship. Our dynamic sensors measure the ship’s trim and heel at their locations. These operate in interaction with the though-hull draft transducer.

All information from these units are processed and analysed continuously in the SAJ-DMS system providing real-time information about Dynamic Trim, List, Torsion, Deflection and Draft/Displacement. The difference between an inclinometer and a dynamic sensor is the accuracy and the fact that the dynamic sensor is not affected by G-forces, Temperature changes or Speed through water. The Dynamic sensor is the reason we can measure a large ships dynamics accuratelly 24/7.

The system is built with client/server technology and run on a PC on the bridge. All information is presented in an easy to use graphical format displayed on a monitor that is often operated by the use of a touch screen.

Remote presentation is possible at any location in the ship by use of optional Bridge Office workstation clients. Interfaces are available as optional to share signals with other third party systems. There are a number of interface standards available from NMEA to analogue signals. There is also a communication kit available that allows remote access for performing updates and other maintenance activities.
In addition to the basic dynamic measuring add-on software modules offer further opportunities to gain advantages from the real-time information