Real vs. Predicted values

It is often mistaken that a loading or stability calculator show draft, trim and list that is relevant. As it is only a prediction based on many inputs there is a risk that the calculations deviate over time.

To make sure deviations do not get out of hand regular comparisons to reality must be made. By having a reliable and accurate system like the SAJ-DMS system it is easy to import data and make corrections.

For stability computers this is even more important as the deviation is never allowed to be large. Correcting it to the current real trim, list and draft is not enough to provide an accurate stability calculation as the unknown weights height above base line is not known.

If stability is an important issue the SAJ-DMS can be equipped with a GM Inclining Test module that can measure the ships current stability with high accuracy. You can read about this module in the Products section under GM Inclining Test module.