Remote Draft Display

The SAJ draft indication is truly unique in its accuracy and repeatability. Since the early eighties and refined ever since: No matter the size of the vessel, SAJ uses only one! (1) draft sensor, calibrated against vessels draft scales. The actual draft readings are displayed for 9 pre-defined positions of the hull. Thus it enables the Cargo Officer to verify the Load computers result with true measured DWT from the SAJ system.

Remote draft indication with optimal design for all type of ships, new builds and retrofits. The SAJ draft indication is a unique solution that finally provides accurate, reliable and low maintenance draft indication for year after year of trouble free operation.
It is easy to verify against ship’s actual scales as it presents draft at the scale locations. It also presents the draft at the perpendiculars and amidships locations.

Instead of installing two or four intakes the SAJ system uses only one (1) through-hull intake at any suitable location which eliminate the extensive need of cabling and hull penetrations.


Using one intake positioned in the most protected location you get a system that is trouble free. The system offers many times higher accuracy compared to conventional gauges because such accuracy is required for the advanced modules we provide. Also many other systems can benefit from having accurate draft information.

Standard draft gauges mounted in the bow and stern do not work when the ship is sailing due to dynamic pressure changes. The SAJ draft indication works in speeds of several knots without deviation.