Trim List Display

Having trim and list information at sea have been proven increasingly important as it affects the hull resistance which mirrors the direct bunker consumption. It represents today the comparatively largest daily cost of ship operation. Only by having a measuring device with accurate information about the real-time trim is it possible to utilize the ships potential to sail on an optimal trim.

An accurate trim also measures the squat effect that a ship encounters in shallow water sailing. In fact the earliest way to detect squat is to look at the trim that changes as the squat builds up. By immediately reducing power the ship will return to a normal trim and the squat buildup stops.

This will not only lower the resistance and save fuel but also prevent accumulating vibrations. Most importantly you probably reach your destination sooner. The squat effect doubles up on itself so corrections done too late will slow down the ship significantly and keeps the ship at an unfavorable trim. The early adjusted ship will thanks to a correct trim sail faster in shallow water thereby reaching the destination sooner.

Only a ship with proper dynamic trim indication can sail optimally. The bunker consumption savings are significant so by choosing the SAJ dynamic trim system you will save back the entire installation cost in a few months.

In a safety aspect the awareness of the ships trim in shallow water is a key factor for maneuverability and bottom clearance. What does one damaged propeller or rudder cost you?

You should install a trim & list system from SAJ Instrument because:

  • SAJ Instrument has 30 years of experience and still today the only provider of dynamic trim and list indication.
  • Provides trim & list indication 24/7 unaffected by speed through water or G forces.
  • At least 100 times more accurate information than other inclinometers, draft gauges or GPS based indication.
  • Year after year reliability and low maintenance.
  • Innovative graphical user interface that require no memorization of trim values by the crew. A correct split second decision is easy.
  • Easy verification of systems accuracy against reality.
  • Alarms can be set for alerting the crew about a squat situation in an early stage.