Calibration App


The SAJ-DMS system provides highest possible accuracy and reliability. The displayed draft readings of the system readings must comply with the actual hull scales. This requires the system to be properly calibrated against the ship’s hull scales. The slightest movement of the ship during the survey can give inaccurate calibrations. These movements can be caused by wind, sea swell, moorings, unloading/loading, embarking or disembarking of passengers, bunkering, transfer of fresh/waste water etc. 

The App

To eliminate calibration problems, we provide a specific App to be used for calibration of the SAJ-DMS system. This app helps the user to calibrate the SAJ-DMS system even with small draft changes during the calibration progress. The calibration app runs on standard smartphones from Apple® or Android®. When reading the scales from quay, each scale value is entered in the App. When all readings are done, the calibration is finished and submitted to the system on bridge. The successful completed draft survey is confirmed by a calibration report.

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