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Calibration App

The SAJ-DMS system provides highest possible accuracy and reliability. The remote system readings must comply with the actual hull scales which requires the system is properly calibrated against the vessel´s hull scales. A slightest movement of the vessel can originate from wind, sea swell, moorings, unloading/loading, embarking or disembarking of passengers, bunkering, transfer of fresh/waste water  makes any reading of a vessels draft complicated before all scales are read voids comparisons to determine displacement, trim, list and hull flexing etc.
For that purpose, SAJ Instrument has developed a specific App called “CALIB APP” which assists and enhance the procedure by use of a standard smartphone run under Apple® or Android® OS. When reading the scales from quay each scale value is entered in the CALIB App. When finished on bridge the “CALIB App” updates the readings to the SAJ-DMS system which are set to optimal accuracy. The evidence of a successful completed draft survey is confirmed by a calibration report which confirms you belongs to the top of line “Draft surveyors”