Fuel savings from

hydrodynamic conditions

The SAJ-DMS system

is the marine industry’s most accurate, reliable and proven dynamic remote measuring system. The system is well suited for newbuild projects as well as for retrofit projects. The system can replace outdated and failing older systems and this upgrade will give the users the added benefit of the industry’s best accuracy and reliability.

On-line Optimization

Trim optimization is a key factor for vessel performance and efficiency. We use Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data to find out and continously calculate the most optimal trim in different conditions. This will save fuel and  lower the environmental footprint. We provide tools to calculate and display optimization data on-line and in real time on the bridge.

Our Solutions

Ultimate DYNAMIC MEASURING solutions

Measuring platform

The SAJ-DMS system comprises one to three dynamic sensors depending on the type and length of the ship. Our dynamic sensors measure the ship’s trim and heel.

Trim List Indication

Dynamic trim and heel indication presented on-line! Extreme accuracy and resilience in operation will benefit to increased safety and better economy!

Trim Optimization

The SAJ-DMS dynamic monitoring platform brings trim optimization to a new level. The module can easily be added to the DMS system and will immediately increase your fuel efficency.

Our services

We provide all the services required to successfully make use of the full potential of the SAJ-DMS system thrugout the lifetime of the system. We are available to help in all situations.

Project planning

A vital part of the installation is proper planning. Proper location of the sensors are required to get full benefits of the advanced dynamic measuring system.


When it is time for installation of the system onboard we provide the required support as well as on-site installation of the system.

Service & Support

After successful implementation we will provide you with service and support to make sure you make efficient use of your new measuring system.

System tailored for your needs

The SAJ-DMS system is flexible to suit every possible vessel and can be configured exactly for Your specific needs.


Bulk ships

The hull construction of a bulk ship with large cargo holds and fast cargo handling with conveyors is exposed to...

Container ships

Container ships

Container ships are designed for high speed and fast cargo handling. This makes it important to...

Cruise ships

Cruise ships

Operation with tight time schedule with calls in many harbors and limited water depths, it is necessary to....

Floating docks

Floating docks

It is essential during lifting and submerging operations to have highly accurate indication of...


General Cargo ships

Cargo handling makes the SAJ-DMS system an important tool for visualizing the hull...

Heavy Lift ships

Heavy Lift ships

It is essential during lifting and submerging operations to have highly accurate indication...

Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships

Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships

On Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and Ferries it is important to detect how the ships responds to weights...


Supply ships

As for all ships the dynamic information is essential to operating the ship correctly...


Tanker ships

On ships with high priority on safety we can offer control beyond the conventional...



Operation with tight time schedule with calls in many harbors and limited water...

Our testimonials

I can say that SAJ system is working fine, after so many years in service , 24-7 and without problems.
Obviously ,very well made and reliable system.


Chief Electrical Engineer
MS Norwegian Jewel
Regarding the SAJ-DMS Dynamic monitoring system used onboard the Stena Adventurer 1500 PC RO-Ro passenger ferry since 2003. I can confirm the system has been very reliable with very little maintenance required in the eight years of trouble free service.
Jason Rafferty - Electrical Officer
Stena Adventurer

New project?

We are here to help you tailor your new SAJ-DMS system to be a perfect match to your dynamic measuring requirements. 

Give us a call or write us an email to get started. You find the contact details on the Contacts page

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