Navigate 2022

Welcome to Navigate 2022 at the Turku Fair Center on 1 – 2 June 2022. You will find us at Stand B/26.

SAJ Instruments Ab Ltd is a market leader in dynamic remote measuring systems. The SAJ-DMS concept is of modern design for all types of vessels and floating constructions. It offers trim, list, hull deflection, torsion, and draft measurements in one system, ensuring synchronized values, removing conflicts, and proven accuracy down on the centimeter. Benefit fuel savings guidance on Optimal Dynamic Trim (ODT), verifying load condition, MBM Mean Bending Moment, GM-Inclining test, the fact to stability, correcting tanks for trim and list. The system uses ONLY ONE through-hull intake/draft transducer and Dynamic Sensor(s) designed for the purpose, easy to install, retrofit, calibrate and maintain. The SAJ concept is simply a better system.

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