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Measuring platform

The SAJ-DMS system comprises of one to three dynamic sensors depending on the type and length of the ship. Our dynamic sensors measure the ship’s trim and heel at their locations.


Trim List indication

Dynamic trim and heel indication presented on-line! Extreme accuracy and resilience in operation will benefit safety and economy!

Trim Optimization

The SAJ-DMS dynamic monitoring platform brings trim optimization to a new level. The module can easily be added to the DMS system and offers a unique opportunity to gain considerable fuel efficency.

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What else we provide?

Remote draft indication with only one draft sensor

With SAJ-DMS you only need one draft sensor to display true drafts at any location and the true displacement of the vessel.

Hydrostatic data in real time

Hydrostatic data On-Line: Crucial Dynamic values available for the Officer On the Watch. Updated every second! 24/7!

Latest news

M/s Majestic Princess delivered

Carnival Group Plc. and Princess Cruises took delivery of M/s Majestic Princess in end of March 2017 in Monfalcone Italy at Fincantieri shipyard. She is designed to be operated on the Chinese market and her homeport will be Shanghai . SAJ Instrument is proud to supply the SAJ-DMS dynamic monitoring system which represents a solid foundation of measuring standard which ensures vessel’s  dynamic behaviour (trim and list), structural onset (hull deflection and torsion) and floating condition (draft) is accurately and reliably measured and presented at sea and in port remotely on the bridge. As the DMS measuring platform is interfaced with a variety of other key systems providing the facts for; IBS, VDR, MAS and load computer.  These systems benefit having the facts of accurate and comparable information which allow these systems to improve their overall function and reliability. SAJ Instrument is known today as the “No. 1 in dynamic measurements” with a proven and considerable installation record.

EU regulations

For many ship owners a problem to deal with during 2017 is fulfilling rules as stipulated in EU regulation 2015/757, further defined in amendment 2016/1928 that will be in force by 1st January 2018. The rules clearly state that shipped cargo weight must be known. SAJ solve this with the DWT module that is used to measure the loaded/discharged cargo weight.

Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

We will meeting our customers and showing our products and innovations on the Seatrade Cruise Global fair on March 13-16 2017 in Fort Lauderdale. Please come and visit us in the Broward County Convention Center so that we can show you how You can achieve great savings and improve safety on Your ships.

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What our clients say

“I can say that SAJ system is working fine, after so many years in service , 24-7 and without problems.
Obviously ,very well made and reliable system.”

Chief Electrical Engineer
MS Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel

“We had an interesting incident when using this instrument. When we left Rostock we had a draft of 9.13 meters forward and 8.89 meters aft, that is, 24 centimeters forward trim due to the placing of bunkers and fresh water, to enable the ship to lie on an even keel upon arrival at Lagos. When we got out into the Baltic, the trim increased to 40 cm forward trim. The depth underneath the keel was then 17 – 22 meters. Off Kiel pilot station, where the depth is 13 meters according to the chart and the echo sounder showed 4-5 meter underneath the keel, the trim changed and increased to 130 cm forward trim according to the instrument. The Chief Mate and I stood watching the instrument, we reduced speed immediately, and vibrations scarcely had time to start before our speed had decreased so much that the indicator was showing 40 cm forward trim again.

I wish to thank you once more for the installation of this instrument for us.

With compliments
Ragnar Nilsson”

(Translated to English. Original letter in Swedish)

Ragnar Nilsson

“Dear Sir

In regard to your request for feedback regarding the SAJ-DMS Dynamic monitoring system used onboard the Stena Adventurer 1500 PC RO-Ro passenger ferry since 2003. I can confirm the system has been very reliable with very little maintenance required in the eight years of trouble free service. A weekly manual draught check/calibration and an annual change of the reference air filter is all that’s required to keep the system running reliably. Thanks again for the prompt I.T service and support over the years and the availability of a service engineer the one time he was required. I am pleased to give a very positive report on SAJ-DMS draught system which is used daily to ensure the safety onboard by accurately monitoring The draught, trim, torsion, hog and sag onboard the Stena Adventurer.

Yours faithfully

Jason Rafferty
Electrical Officer
Stena Adventurer”

Jason Rafferty