Jason Rafferty

“Dear Sir

In regard to your request for feedback regarding the SAJ-DMS Dynamic monitoring system used onboard the Stena Adventurer 1500 PC RO-Ro passenger ferry since 2003. I can confirm the system has been very reliable with very little maintenance required in the eight years of trouble free service. A weekly manual draught check/calibration and an annual change of the reference air filter is all that’s required to keep the system running reliably. Thanks again for the prompt I.T service and support over the years and the availability of a service engineer the one time he was required. I am pleased to give a very positive report on SAJ-DMS draught system which is used daily to ensure the safety onboard by accurately monitoring The draught, trim, torsion, hog and sag onboard the Stena Adventurer.

Yours faithfully

Jason Rafferty
Electrical Officer
Stena Adventurer”