Ragnar Nilsson

“We had an interesting incident when using this instrument. When we left Rostock we had a draft of 9.13 meters forward and 8.89 meters aft, that is, 24 centimeters forward trim due to the placing of bunkers and fresh water, to enable the ship to lie on an even keel upon arrival at Lagos. When we got out into the Baltic, the trim increased to 40 cm forward trim. The depth underneath the keel was then 17 – 22 meters. Off Kiel pilot station, where the depth is 13 meters according to the chart and the echo sounder showed 4-5 meter underneath the keel, the trim changed and increased to 130 cm forward trim according to the instrument. The Chief Mate and I stood watching the instrument, we reduced speed immediately, and vibrations scarcely had time to start before our speed had decreased so much that the indicator was showing 40 cm forward trim again.

I wish to thank you once more for the installation of this instrument for us.

With compliments
Ragnar Nilsson”

(Translated to English. Original letter in Swedish)