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Safety at sea
Detect onset of squat early and avoid costly grounding
Draft readings
Shows draft readings online
Speed optimization
Optimize voyage for fuel efficiency
Trim optimization
Optimize the trim for fuel efficiency

SAJ Instrument Ab (Ltd) have a range of products that are all associated with ship dynamics.

The SAJ-DMS system comprises of one to three dynamic sensors that measure the ship's trim and heel at their locations. These operate in interaction with the though-hull draft transducer and also imports values from surrounding systems such as speed log and echo sounder etc. All information from these units are processed and analyzed continuously in the SAJ-DMS system and all information is presented on a touch screen monitor on the bridge.

Remote presentation is possible at any location on the ship by use of optional SAJ-DMS workstation clients. Interfaces are available as optional to share signals with other third party systems. 

DWT Situation Module

This module use the SAJ-DMS systems ability to measure the ship’s displacement and presents the actual situation of the ship’s weights such as cargo and dead weight reserve.

Measuring platform

The SAJ-DMS system comprises of one to three dynamic sensors depending on the type and length of the ship. Our dynamic sensors measure the ship’s trim and heel at their locations.


Trim List indication

Dynamic trim and heel indication presented on-line! Extreme accuracy and resilience in operation will benefit safety and economy!

Remote draft indication with only one draft sensor

With SAJ-DMS you only need one draft sensor to display true drafts at any location and the true displacement of the vessel.

Hull Flex Monitoring indication

With a Hull Flex Monitoring System from SAJ you will get both torsion and deflection indications.

Hydrostatic data in real time

Hydrostatic data On-Line: Crucial Dynamic values available for the Officer On the Watch. Updated every second! 24/7!

GM Inclining Test Module

GM Inclining/Experiment test offers ease of determining a ship’s stability by moving a user known weight a known distance combining the accurately measured heel and corrected hydrostatics from the SAJ-DMS system.

Mean Bending Moment Module

The MBM module, offers presentation of the on-line dynamic Mean Bending Moment with compressive and tensile stress in digital and graphical presentations

Trim Optimization

The SAJ-DMS dynamic monitoring platform brings trim optimization to a new level. The module can easily be added to the DMS system and offers a unique opportunity to gain considerable fuel efficency.