Our concept thinking can be divided in three areas of customer needs. 

  1. Our commitment to provide professional assistance all from the purchase planning, installation and commissioning to the service and maintenance during the entire lifetime of the vessel.
  2. The tailor made systems that will neither be redundant nor inadequate for a specific vessels needs. And still the concept will always be ready for any future needs without replacing equipment already installed.
  3. The integration possibility with any other system that might require some data to enhance their performance or have data that can be used by advanced features. 

This is all combined in the SAJ-DMS (Dynamic Monitoring System)



All our products are a part of the SAJ-DMS concept and use the same sensors and computers to provide the user with the information they need. In the core of the concept you will find a precision instrument that measures the vessels dynamics.

Because of the modern high tech core our products provide more important information than previously possible and the standard information is more accurate.

The system is in comparison easy to install, requires less maintenance and have a long life reliability. The reliability of the products produced by SAJ Instrument is best vouched for by our systems that still is in service since many years.