Our commitment begins already before the purchase. We make sure the customer is assisted when choosing their system. The difference between success and failure whenever facing a difficult task such as monitoring a ships dynamics is the commitment to fully understand every part of the process. Our customers can rest assured that we have the knowledge required for all the key factors. That is why where others have tried and failed. SAJ Instrument has been successful for almost 30 years.

We manufacture equipment for its specific purpose and we supervise all preparations required for its installation. It is essential to consider the vessels structure and how it reacts to its environment once in service before installation. And we make sure that these considerations have been taken into account.

As a system is being installed we are always available for assistance and the startup commissioning is always done by our engineers. The engineers are professionals in this specific area and take care of all the different issues that might arise. They make sure nothing is left to chance and educates the users so they can get the most out of their new system.

Once it is handed over to the customer we have a service and support team that will reply to questions and trouble shoot if something is wrong. We are known for our fast and professional response. All spare parts and service is available directly from the manufacturer and the customer never needs to worry about system or part numbers. Once the vessels name or new building number is known our support team knows all the details and history about that particular system.