Bore’s LNG RoLo New Build project

SAJ Instrument Ab Ltd is proud to have been selected as supplier of the SAJ-DMS Dynamic Monitoring System equipment to the new LNG powered Ro-Lo vessels currently being built by Bore Ltd.

Bore Ltd has ordered three ships from the Wuhu Shipyard in China, and the vessels are currently being built, with the first ship to be delivered this year.

Bore Ltd is a member company of the Spliethoff Group, one of the largest ship management companies in the Netherlands, with nearly a century of maritime experience. 

The state-of-the-art Ro-Lo vessels built will be equipped with the complete SAJ-DMS system that includes the guidance module for Optimal Dynamic Trim, ODT module. The ODT module will give the bridge officers the truly unique opportunity to optimize the ship’s trim both during loading and during the voyage for the dynamic trim. The system calculates the optimal static trim in port, considering the dynamic trim during the voyage. The operator gets an easy-to-use interface for running the ship as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. 

Additionally, the system includes a DWT-situation presentation very useful during cargo handling.

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