Trim Optimization – Optimal Dynamic Trim

Optimal Dynamic TrimThe SAJ-DMS dynamic real-time measuring and monitoring platform has brought trim optimization to a new level by improving Safety and Efficiency.

The impact of vessels attitude when it comes to improve and maintain fuel-savings and thereby reducing CO2-emissions;

  • Operating a vessel on Optimum Trim ranks highest in SEEPM guidance (MEPC.213(63)), category  “Optimised Ship Handling”.
  • Trim optimization is a fundamental part of a vessels voluntary Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator EEOI.
  • SAJ-DMS  is the necessary real-time tool assisting the Master and Officer On the Watch (OOW) in their aim to operate the vessel efficiently and safely.
  • SAJ-ODT is a new add-on module for the DMS system. It offers Master and Cargo officer additional opportunities to optimize vessels efficiency during cargo handling; Just enter set-point for requested draft and speed to obtain static trim in Port.
  • When at sea and resulting from the vessels hydrodynamic behaviour, it will adjust to the correct Optimal Dynamic Trim for the entered set-point for voyage speed. Deviations from Optimal Trim will be displayed as excessive power usage expressed in %
  • When making speed in shallow water, the SAJ-ODT immediately displays loss of speed in % caused by the inevitable onset of squat.
  • Thanks to our SAJ-Dynamic sensors, the real-time measured Dynamic Trim is displayed with an accuracy of: +/- 1 cm (<½”) for vessels with LBP up to 400 m (1312 feet).
  • The SAJ-Dynamic sensors unique accuracy constitutes the core of SAJ-DMS with regard to Trim, List, Hull Flex Bending and Torsion. The accuracy by which we measure in real-time is absolutely fundamental when striving to Optimize Trim.
  • SAJ-Dynamic sensors are always synchronized with SAJ-DRAFT and thereby displaying Hydrostatics Online.
  • Why we consider ourselves No.1 in this field? Because, you cannot monitor and display data unless it is measured correctly!